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Psychotherapy is a process of expanding your self awareness to find deeper clarity, confidence, and fulfillment in your life.

My approach to therapy ensures your time and investment produce meaningful and lasting change in your life. Wherever you are in your life and hope to go, therapy can help you get there. To learn more about psychotherapy and the different ways it can support you in life your life, click here.


Wherever you are in your life and hope to go, therapy can help you get there. 


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“When my husband died suddenly, I did not know Madeha very well and was reluctant to confide in her. Madeha, however, recognized the depth of my despair, how I was suppressing my grief, and the mask of strength I was putting on for the benefit of my kids in order to keep going. She never left me even on the days where I was stubbornly silent. She became a constant presence in my life, and slowly I allowed myself to be comforted by her presence and her understanding of what I was going through. Her support and guidance eased my grieving process and helped me feel more secure and supported in my life. Over the years she has supported and guided me through difficult situations, even when I was unable to vocalize my difficulties. I can safely say that her steadfast support in times of need have changed my life. She is a deeply talented and knowledgeable psychologist.”

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I am here for you: let’s get started on your journey of personal growth. Schedule a 45 minute appointment.