Psychotherapy is a collaborative process based on the relationship between an individual and a psychotherapist. Working with a Psychotherapist will allow you to freely express your thoughts in a safe and supportive environment. Doing so gives you the opportunity to investigate emotions, underlying beliefs, and assumptions that are holding you back from a life of fulfillment, connection, and ease in your relationships.

Psychotherapy will teach you a process for introspection that will help you navigate and manage future challenges that arise. This process of growth through problems allows you to become more self aware and live a happier, healthier and more productive life.


Psychotherapy can help a wide range of emotional difficulties that affect adults including: depression, bereavement, eating problems, phobias, obsessions, stress, self-harm, anxiety, abuse or trauma, identity confusion, relationship breakdown and feeling lonely and abandoned.

Talking can support you through difficult times and help you create change in your life. If you're in need of guidance and support, please reach out to me for in-person or remote sessions.


In Person

The intention with psychotherapy is to not only solve your problem but teach you tools to help you navigate and manage future challenges that arise in the future as it aligns to your most authentic self. To learn more and meet with Madeha for an in person session, book using the button below.


Online therapy is especially helpful if you live abroad and need a therapist that understands both Arab/Western cultures to help you get through tough times. For the physically challenged or those who live too far away to drive to sessions, this form therapy might be ideal.


Online/Phone therapy is NOT appropriate for everyone. 
There are times when online therapy is not adequate and would not meet your needs.

These situations include, but are not limited to:
Suicidal thoughts/Intent
Thoughts of harming others
Acute psychiatric episodes such as psychosis or mania
Substance intoxication or drug abuse



My name is Madeha AlAjroush. A psychotherapist for over 25 years, I have worked passionately helping people find greater personal fulfillment.

Therapy is an effective process in helping you achieve your goals, turning times of difficulty in to opportunities for personal growth.

Based Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, my local and international clients come to me knowing they are safe, respected, and met with compassion.

Alongside my private practice, I serve as a volunteer therapist, researcher, lead hospital staff trainings, consult in battered women’s shelters, and mentor other Saudi Arabian therapists.


  • Columbia University; New York, NY

    • Masters in Counseling Psychology

    • Masters in Education

  • Institute For Contemporary Psychotherapy: New York, NY

    Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training

    2 Year Specialization Program

  • New York State Therapist License

  • 25 Years of Psychiatric Therapy Private Practice


  • Train staff at the Prince Fasil Cancer Hospital in Buriada, The Childrens Cancer Hospital, and The King Fasil Hospital in Riyadh.

  • Established a Buriada shelter home for battered women and children alongside The Princess Noura non-profit organization.

  • Founder and former Board Member of the The National Family Safety Program raising awareness around domestic abuse.

  • Mentorship and training to the Saudi Arabian therapists community.

  • Weekly Co-host of Himat Nissa (Women’s Wisdom) on Abu Dubai TV from 2009-2010, feauturing educational programming about medical and psychological topics.  



Please use the contact form here to contact Madeha to book a psychotherapy session.  

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